CBD Mountain wanted to create a platform that’s easily accessible and customer focused. Having searched high and low and personally tried many different products from around the world we realized that we were able to provide those closest to us with these supplements and that was the starting point of CBD Mountain.

When we started out on the journey to find the best products for our customers we needed to start at the grassroots. To find a superior raw product in this industry you need to combine passion, genetics, and understanding of what the customer needs. After visiting many farms and growing operations we finally found one that met our criteria. Then the hard work truly began. To see firsthand how this incredible plant is taken from seed to product is something quite spectacular. Our application of knowledge and experience has helped us continuously learn in an area where technological advancements are being made daily.

Our knowledge is growing, and we want our products to become household supplements to help maintain a healthy balanced life for the whole family. We want to grow our product range with the feedback from our customers so please do get in touch if you have suggestions.

Hemp is a beautiful plant and with the right conditions and expertise, it will provide you with one of the most diverse and incredible materials known to man.

We also know that the use of CBD products is subjective to the individual so allowing our consumers to purchase different flavours and different strengths across each range to find what works for them was very important. We have created a platform where everything is under one roof and choices are yours to make. We have selected our favorite brands to work alongside so if you feel there is a brand out there that we have overlooked please don’t hesitate to let us know.


The foundations of our company were built on searching for a superior product that met my needs as a consumer, so we want this to shine through in our relationship with our customers and members.

To apply the notion of compassion to all our customers only pursuing a level of standard that we would wish to be treated in our everyday lives. We also wish to support local communities and groups where we can. So, if you feel that someone you know might benefit from our services please contact us and we can follow up as quick as possible.


By using www.cbdmountain.com you are agreeing that you are 18 and over and a consenting adult purchasing our food supplements and aware that we make no medical claims about them. Before taking food supplements, you should seek professional medical advice from a doctor.

CBD mountain is a registered trademark. All our Logo designs and layouts are copyright.

All products are legal here in the UK and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure these products are legal in the country being shipped to. We do not take any liability or responsibility for this.

Seek medical advice before taking food supplements to get the correct information that’s right for you.


CBD Mountain and associated intellectual property by no means endorse or agrees with third-party information that is shared or posted on our sites. We strive to provide our audiences with factually accurate and up to date references but cannot guarantee this. Sharing any of our content or third-party content will be at your own liability and responsibility to confirm accuracies within said content. We wish to add to the discussions where we can so if you would like us to share something on any of our platforms please send it in through our Members Login page however we can make no claim in how accurate the information.



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