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[title size=”big” type=”fancy” align=”center”]THE PLANT[/title]

We have been all over the world in our search for the highest quality raw hemp extracts. On our journey, we have visited farms that shared our vision of supplying sustainable and high-quality extracts to the market. Using the largest most established industrial hemp farm in the USA means we can provide not only high quality but also transparency to our customers throughout all stages of production. The Rich CBD Hemp plant has a high spectrum of phytocannabinoids found naturally and guarantees less than 0.3 %THC at the source. With a full understanding of breeding and genetics, we feel we have created the best relationships to ensure the quality our customers deserve.  

The plants we use produce on average 18% Cannabidiol (CBD) 1-2%Cannabinol, 1-2%Cannabigerol, 1-2%Cannabichromene and most importantly less than .3% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) at the source and then are extracted down to produce the Zero THC Oils.

To ensure our customers receive the high quality that we promise we make sure that all raw materials are tested through batch testing to maintain stable and accurate percentages of each active compound.